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Jerusalem Lights

Israel becomes a Hanukkah wonderland during these spectacular eight days, the streets are alive with so much light!

A hanukkiah being lit behind a closed window

Being in Israel during Hanukkah is such a treat, and an experience you cannot get anywhere else in the world! Yes, there are the delicious sufganiyot (special Israeli doughnuts) and latkes (potato pancakes) for the tastebuds, but the fire of the candles is for the soul. We light the hanukkiah each night of Hanukkah, each candle burning for hours!

It is a tradition to place your candles by a window so that those walking by are able to be reminded of the miracles of Hanukkah.

In Israel, especially in such a holy city as Jerusalem, the streets are lit up by the candles of the hanukkiyot, and everything is shining! It is beautiful to just take a stroll once the stars come out, and admire all of the windows- especially in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Seeing all of the lit candles reminds me why I love Israel so much!


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