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Kikar Rabin

Kikar Rabin is the spot in Tel Aviv. If you've ever walked by, you've probably seen the pretty koi pond, a nice shady olive tree in the middle, and loads of people enjoying the spacious square. What else goes on in Kikar Rabin?

Kikar Rabin was formerly known as Kings Square. After Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated there, the name was changed to Rabin Square. It is now a very cool hang-out spot, as well as the site of many cultural events. When there are major world occurrences, the side of City Hall, overlooking Kikar Rabin, lights up for different causes. For example, when the deal with the United Arab Emirates was made, the building lit up with its flag.

Kikar Rabin at night with City Hall lit up with the flag of UAE
Kikar Rabin at night with the City Hall lit up with the flag of the UAE. / Rebecca Fox


The square has room for thousands of people, and many artists, Shlomi Shabat, for example, have performed there. The acoustics travel throughout the city, so you can hear it from pretty far away.


Since there is room for so many people, Kikar Rabin has been the site of many protests. Most recently, the protests against the Prime Minister, but it could be anything.


As it's such a large, open area, many events are held there as well. In 2020, during the craziness of the Corona situation, a Gay Pride Rally was held at Kikar Rabin. There is usually some sort of festivity for Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel's Independence Day, there as well.


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