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Krembo- קְרֶמְבּוֹ

These magical chocolate-covered marshmallows have become a staple treat here in Israel when winter rolls around. You can find them in every supermarket, each makolet (convenience store), and in the mouths of children and adults alike in the streets of Israel!

The name Krembo actually comes from the play on the words "creme" (krem) and "bo", meaning "in it" in Hebrew. Together, it means "filled with creme". And that is exactly what it is- fluffy, marshmallowy goodness, encased in milk chocolate with a graham cracker bottom. Yum!

And while we can all agree that the delectable treats are a 10/10, there is some debate on the true way they should be eaten.

The timeless question is... do you eat Krembo from top to bottom or from bottom to top?

Are we meant to eat the delicious marshmallow first, and save the crunchy graham cracker for last, or should the fluff be saved for last and the sweet crunch first?

Tough call...

In truth, there is no clear winner, as both sides have their own merit.

But rest assured, no matter your position on the matter, the taste remains the same!

Fun fact! Some people even freeze their Krembo for a different kind of frozen sweet treat! Be'teavon!



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