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Did you know that Israel didn’t have a wedding registry until just a few years ago when Bracha Lamm Berger created La’Bayit Gifts?

"There is something magical in helping a newly married couple create their future home together. With a wedding registry, you can choose a gift that both you and the couple love. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone is happy." ~Bracha Lamm Berger

Here's how it all began...

“When Akiva and I got engaged we had lots of family and friends abroad who wanted to take part in our wedding by sending a gift. We couldn't find a registry in Israel so we registered in the US with the plan to shlep things to Israel. Well, several items broke on the way and so we couldn’t register for anything fragile or any appliances. That was crazy, considering how many Anglos are living and getting married in Israel! I knew there must be a better way for guests abroad to send gifts to couples in Israel, and so I created it myself.”

La'Bayit Gifts was launched just a few months after Bracha and Akiva’s wedding, with thousands of products, most of them made in Israel. Not only is it super easy to use the website, but there is free shipping and delivery. Since the launch of this registry, the first of its kind in Israel, over 150 English-speaking couples in Israel have registered on La'Bayit! For Bracha, the satisfaction comes from being a part of a couple’s new journey they are embarking upon together. These gifts will be with them throughout their entire marriage, helping them to build beautiful memories.

Here's a look into the founder’s favorite products!

Some of my favorite products are the beautiful hand-made ceramics made by a local artist named Einav here in Israel. The products are absolutely stunning, all inspired by Israel's picturesque landscapes, and no two ceramics are the same!

I also love all of our Michsaf products. Michsaf is located in the city of Sderot, which has been the target of incessant rocket fire for many years. I love knowing that my own Israeli business can help another Israeli business that is operating in one of the toughest regions in Israel!

Especially during Corona, La'Bayit has been the saving grace for many family members and friends living abroad, who are unable to attend the wedding of a loved one. While they may only be there in spirit, La’Bayit has created the perfect way to celebrate and send love with something physical, even from afar.

La’Bayit even created an interactive bingo board for all of their couples to use during their live stream weddings. This allows even the zoom guests to feel a part of it all!

But wait, there is more!

La’Bayit is excited to be launching a new platform soon, where anyone from anywhere in the world can buy gifts for loved ones in Israel for any occasion- think birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, baby namings, or even just to remind a friend you are thinking of them!

Stay tuned for their big launch coming soon!


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