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Limonana - לִימוֹנָענָה

Limonana is a combination of lemonade and "nana" which is mint. It can be served frozen or as a juice! Yummy!

Yes, it's still winter, and it's still cold. But every now and then, the sun shines through, and it is HOT out. When that happens, we crave a cold, refreshing drink. Limonana is a go-to - it's refreshing, minty, and just a perfect way to hydrate on a warm day.

Typically, you can combine lemon juice, water, mint leaves, some sugar, and ice, stir it around, and you have your limonana. BUT if you are looking for something extra delicious, you can do this and then BLEND it into a frozen drink. Garnish with mint sprigs, and you're set. Tasty and refreshing!



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