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Lisa Rich Photography

A photograph is a snapshot in time. When we look at a memory and are brought back to the warm feelings, the laughter, the moments of joy and togetherness as we see our own faces smiling back at us.

It is the gift of a photographer that allows us to relive those memories day in and day out.

Lisa Rich of Lisa Rich Photography holding up a camera

Meet Lisa Rich, the photographer you have been looking for to capture those special moments in life you never want to forget.

Lisa specializes in family photography, boutique event photography, and branding photography.

What does all of that mean?

Her expertise ranges from the warmth of the home to the professional office.

It includes family nature shoots, maternity, newborn, lifestyle, beach photoshoots, Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, Brit Mila, family reunions, headshots, social media shots, newborn studio shots, and corporate events.

How it all began

Lisa made Aliyah with her family all the way back in 1998 from St. Louis, Missouri.

"I have always had a deep passion for photography. It started when I was a young girl and my father bought me my first camera when I was 9. From then on, photography became my biggest hobby and passion, but I never believed I could turn it into a full-time gig and actually make a living doing what I love most!"

Today, Lisa lives in Beit Horon with her husband and three sons, a small community located between Modiin and Jerusalem. After having her third child in 2019, Lisa really began developing the idea of following her lifelong dream to become a professional photographer.

"The day I decided to quit my job and make photography my full-time business would later turn out to be a huge milestone in my life. I decided in March of 2020 to take the leap. Two weeks later Corona hit. This year has been a whirlwind! "

Lisa had to navigate opening her own business at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic. She had to be both fast and creative, and it’s clear that she succeeded in both! Trying not to dwell on the negatives, Lisa quickly came up with a genius advertising plan to get her name out during a nationwide lockdown.

A child and baby photographed in a nursery by Lisa Rich Photography

She created the “Israel PORCHraits Project”, traveling all around Israel and photographing over 90 families from their porch, windows, and doorstep! Every family was posted on her social media channels with a blurb about them. And to no surprise, it went viral!

Since then, Lisa has been traveling all over the country to photograph clients! But to Lisa, this is more than just a job. It is about connecting with others.

"I love people. I love meeting new people, learning about them, and interacting with them! I really believe in having fun during a session, and laughter is always on the schedule. I believe in creating a fun and relaxed session that allows me to capture my clients in the moment."

Lisa uses candid photography as a way to document moments in time. She creates an experience that allows her clients and their families to relax and simply exist in the moment. She takes the portraits that all grandparents want hanging on their fridge, but also the in-between moments of laughter and silliness. It’s in those photos that a family's true personality shines through.

What is Lisa’s favorite package?

A mother holding two of her children photographed by Lisa Rich Photography

"I love my family "lifestyle sessions". This photo session takes place in the client’s very own home, designed to be in their comfort zone. No need to pack up a suitcase and go to a special location. Everything we need is in the home. This approach also helps the children feel comfortable straight away! I love capturing the small, beautiful moments in the home, knowing that they will be etched in a picture forever. That makes me smile!"

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith, knowing that your passion is waiting for you on the other side. For Lisa, this has become a reality, and she is excited to capture you and your own beautiful lives next!


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