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Love from the Shuk

“In these times of social distancing, nothing is as powerful as delicious and quality food to warm the heart.”

Love from the Shuk has given us the ability to send our love to those we care about through the authentic delicacies of the shuk, in beautifully arranged care packages.

3 packed baskets from Love from the Shuk

Naama Livnat has always been passionate about food, and as a therapist who works with eating behaviors and body image challenges, she strongly believes that we must all learn to enjoy food, experience the pleasures, and learn to love through it.

"I teach people how to use food as a way to express feelings of love and intimacy, and how to make eating into a positive experience".

Prior to Covid-19, Naama developed her own unique tour of the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, one which focuses on the pleasure we get from food, and upgrading a family meal into a warm and comforting experience.

However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, Naama could no longer arrange her tours and decided to bring the magic of the Shuk, with all of its delicacies and good vibes, into people’s homes.

“I combined my love for my profession with my love for the Mahane Yehuda market and arranged a basket of boutique goodies, through which you can send your love, warm thoughts, and care to friends and family. The basket includes unique products, chosen with care, that are sure to upgrade any meal or afternoon coffee break!”

5 packed fruit baskets from Love from the Shuk

How are the baskets made?

Naama lives in Maale Adumim, a city near Jerusalem, and spends much of her time in the Mahane Yehudah market as she lovingly creates each basket with care. Naama knows the sellers in the Shuk by name at this point. For her, the Shuk is family. In these difficult times, it also supports the businesses in the market that have lost many of the customers due to the lockdown and restrictions.

The baskets are shipped throughout the whole country, primarily through UPS, or with private shippers if there is a request for a basket to arrive at specific times.

What is Naama’s favorite product?

One of the products in the basket is mini-chocolate balls in different flavors: raspberry, salted caramel, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. They are lots of fun because all the balls are mixed together, and each time you pop one in your mouth, you are surprised by a different flavor!

An unpacked beer basket with nut packets on a table by Love from the Shuk

Check out the “You Choose Love from the Shuk” basket. Here, Naama arranges a personalized basket by request.

"This is really unique because I ask the people ordering what the favorite foods and flavors of the person that they are ordering the basket for are and based on that we choose together all the products that go into the basket".

This adds a personal touch to the basket and is a great way to send your love to someone you care for.

Food is the fastest way to the heart! It is a way to express positive feelings and emotions and should be used to show love and warmth to the people dear to you.


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