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Love in the Times of Corona

Let's talk about love during Corona. Why is Corona a good time to date in Israel?

We spoke to different Olim who found love during Corona times. They have some specific tips and advice for finding love at this time!

A man and woman holding hands

1. Focus your energy on dating. There is way less going on these days - for many, there is less commuting, less socializing with friends, less meeting with the family. Gyms, beaches, and malls are not guaranteed to be open. With this extra time - why not focus on dating?

2. You can tell who is serious and who isn’t – those who respect the restrictions and those who do not. That is a great way to narrow down who might be a potential serious match! Anyone who is not willing to follow the health protocols probably is not looking for a real relationship. Given respect is one of the most important elements in a relationship, this will be a good indicator as to who is respectful and who is not.

3. This is the era of social distance. We carefully choose who to spend time with. Being in close proximity to someone means we must really trust them because it risks our being quarantined for 14 days. Choose carefully who to see! There is more risk but also more reward. It’s different than before when you can go on a few dates a week from Tinder! Now, we have to be more committed to who we choose to see. And this element of commitment can take a relationship to the next level.

4. Anything can be a date! A picnic on the roof, a movie in a blanket fort, sitting on a park bench, watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. Gone are the days of noisy bars and clubs -- intimate and meaningful dates are the new thing in Israel! Besides, this makes it way easier to get to know someone.

5. Communication is key. You have to talk to each other first! Zoom chats or phone calls. You decide you want to meet them before. This builds an element of trust and anticipation. It’s not just swiping and deciding you want to meet that night. Yes, the language barrier can make things more difficult -- but it's a win-win if you get to work on your Hebrew and date.

Two hands forming a heart with their hands

So what does all of this mean for us as #Olim, in a new country, unsure of what's next for us? We should look at dating during this time not as a risk, but as an opportunity. We may not be able to visit our families, and that's hard. But we can put that time and energy towards finding love, as well as putting down roots in Israel.


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