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Malka Klein Designs

In a modern digital world, it is rare and refreshing to find those who still live and breathe mindfully handcrafted art.

The skill of calligraphy, or beautiful letter writing, was once commonplace but is now all too often forgotten with keyboards and fonts constantly at our fingertips.

Malka Klein standing over her work table in her studio

Meet Malka Klein, a professional calligrapher, who values the precious art of penmanship, and sees the meaning behind each letter. She seeks to bring beauty to the world through letter arts and also to teach this skill to others. She believes letter writing is a valuable key to authentic expression and understanding between people.

Malka is a designer and artist, specializing in luxury letter art pieces, like couture Ketubahs (Jewish marriage licenses).

Malka currently works from the city of Modiin, Israel, where she lives with her family.

How it all began

Malka Klein Designs has been up and running since late 2018.

“I have always been creative and loved the arts, especially lettering and calligraphy. However, I didn’t pursue it professionally because I had no idea that it was possible to do so, and truly succeed! I eventually became a graphic designer in the hi-tech industry. After a while, I became jaded and frustrated with the purely digital work.

I left the hi-tech field when I had my second child, and decided to commit myself to work with my hands from then on. I pulled out my art materials for the first time in years, and haven’t stopped since!”

Malka created her first Ketubah using her incredible calligraphy skills for her sister’s wedding and publicized it. The rest is history!

In addition to creating this couture art herself, Malka teaches calligraphy as well, which was never really the plan.

However, when COVID began and events became less frequent, Malka decided to give teaching a go, which has successfully become a major part of her business! Today, Malka gives online workshops for Facebook Open Arts, teaches for an online calligraphy school called KalliCamp Academy, and has a Skillshare class for watercolors and calligraphy.

What is Malka’s favorite piece of art to create?

"My favorite pieces are the custom Ketubahs (Jewish wedding licenses) because I love connecting with brides and grooms from across the globe, to help them express their endless love for one another in a beautiful art form. I love knowing that this unique piece I create for them is meant to last a lifetime, and grace the walls of their future home throughout their marriage. It is extremely meaningful!"

A Malka Klein Designs Ketuba

Malka began her business with the urge to work with her hands, and a love for beautiful letters and their potential to express ideas in abundance, in ways other art cannot. Her craft is intentional and full of meaning, as she masterfully imbues all of her work with the words and ideas of her clients, leaving a memorable and lasting effect.

Malka ensures true expression through her art, with the goal of helping each client express their own unique ideas and special experiences, through the magic of letters.


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