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Time: 45 minutes / Episodes: Season 1, 10 episodes.

Ready for your next Israeli insider espionage drama? Look no further, because Israel’s new crime show, Manayek, will fulfill all of your murder, mystery, and suspense needs.

A video camera set up for recording

The show follows the lead character Izzy, a top police investigator in the Ministry of Internal Police Affairs. As Izzy’s closest friend in the force is called up for inquiry, he must make the difficult choice to partake in an investigation against someone he loves, and choose to fight for justice.

The show grapples with real-life problems, as Izzy struggles between the loyalty of blood brothers and loyalty to truth.

As the show develops, the web of clues deepens, as a history of violence, murder, and felony come to light, shaking Izzy’s life as he knows it.

Watch the trailer here!

Manayek takes the classic police crime show to a whole new level, with the suspicion of an insider crime, keeping us all on our toes. The show’s first season was aired in August 2020 and quickly spread like wildfire throughout Israel, it is one of the most talked-about shows among Israelis.

Fun Fact about Manayek

Did you know that the show's main actor, Shalom Assayag, is actually a famous Israeli comedian?

Many Israelis were a bit skeptical of his ability to play a character in a serious, suspenseful drama. However, we were all pleasantly surprised as he has aced his first non-comedic role!

Check out Shalom in some of his standup comedy here!

So sit back, grab a blanket, pop some popcorn, and get ready for your next TV binge!


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