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Imagine the Amazon of Israeli businesses; a platform so diverse, all of your daily needs can be found and delivered to your front door, right from the comfort of your own living room couch!

Two copies of artwork of two candlesticks and raised hands by Matanashops
Sabbath Candles

Be it a delicious and refreshing morning brunch, decorating your new home with Judaica and art, celebrating a big milestone with a party, or buying a loved one a special gift- MatanaShops has got you covered! But the best part is being able to support Israeli businesses while contributing to Israel’s beautiful and thriving culture.

MatanaShops, founded by owner Ahuva Fischer, was created with a vision: to help small Israeli business owners shine and flourish in an accessible way. MatanaShops does this not only through creating a shared space to sell their products but also by helping businesses with outreach and exposure, something many small businesses lack resources or knowledge to do on their own!

However, the good doesn’t stop there. By purchasing through MatanaShops, you not only help Israeli society to grow, but you partake in one of the most cherished human experiences: gift-giving. As Jews, and as humans, so much of our lives surround the big moments of the lifecycle. With births, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and birthdays, there is always an opportunity to give to those we love, and MatanaShops makes that experience one of ease and simplicity.

To Ahuva, the value of MatanaShops runs even deeper.

“There is an element of connecting Jewish people from around the world. On a personal level, I have experienced my family being far away, while I desperately and constantly looked for ways to send them something special for the holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. Whether in Israel or in other countries around the world, I didn’t know the remote businesses available to me, and always settled on gifts from larger, more commercialized businesses- which always cost much more! Sometimes I couldn’t find anything at all.”

In a huge leap forward, MatanaShops plans on expanding its services worldwide over the course of 2021, making the platform accessible internationally! With its launch only this past September, the number of vendors has already doubled, reaching close to 50!

Mosaic Birkat Habayit by MatanaShops
Mosaic Birkat Habayit

How MatanaShops works…

While Ahuva lives in Jerusalem with her four children and husband, the platform is all online, packaged as a virtual marketplace. However, the business's employees live all around Israel, including Beit Shemesh and Northern Israel.

All of MatanaShops's employees are actually women, and a large percentage of its vendors are female as well, something very valuable and meaningful to Ahuva. These women are successfully thriving both at home with their families, and in their careers simultaneously. The balance is possible and really rewarding.

Another cool fact about MatanaShops?

Expect top-notch customer service - the kind you get internationally! Israel isn’t known for having the most advanced customer service, but with MatanaShops you can expect only the best. Not only do you have direct access to the vendors, but support from the MatanaShops team as well, making sure your product is wrapped and delivered in the best way possible. MatanaShops is catered towards YOU, and any specific requests are dealt with on a personal level, a true step up from Israeli customer service!

A large breakfast with various dishes by MatanaShop
The Big Breakfast

What is Ahuva’s favorite product?

“The big breakfast. It is delicious, and everyone loves getting it! It can really brighten up a day. People even reach out to MatanaShops for the recipes, so the food must really be that good! And the presentation is even more impressive. My husband actually bought me a boutique breakfast the first day MatanaShops launched! Trust me, it was delicious.”

Especially now, when so many of our loved ones could use some love in quarantine, the big breakfast is the way to go!


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