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#Meet_The_Oleh Breanna Stein

Aliyah Date: October 2018

Immigrated from: Los Angeles, CA

Currently living in Tel Aviv

Breanna saw an opportunity in Israel. As a hairstylist, she recognized that there were many women and men with curly hair in Israel who didn’t know how to manage their hair. That’s where she came in…she moved to Israel and began her curly-headed empire! Scroll down to read the rest of Breanna's story!

Oleh Breanna Stein

Breanna is from Los Angeles, California. Before she came to Israel, she worked as a stylist for five years. Then in 2018, she made the move to Israel. What made her decide to make Aliyah? She says, “Other than the fact that I’m Jewish, I noticed that most people have curly hair in Israel. The market was lacking in products for them, and there was a huge need for curly stylists and education in Israel.

Breanna moved straight to Tel Aviv and began studying Hebrew at Ulpan Beit Brodetsky. While she was there, she really wanted to focus on learning the language, and not work, at least for the first year. But it got out quickly that Breanna was a hairstylist, and students would knock on her door and ask her to cut their hair. She would cut their hair right there in the dormitory, and then people would write about her talent on Facebook and word got around.

Oleh Breanna Stein holding her product, Oh Curl

Breanna was getting so much business that she would skip Ulpan class to cut people’s hair, and then she was so busy that she skipped class altogether to go work! She couldn’t keep up. Shortly after, salons started to call her to come work for them. She chose a salon, worked there for a few months, and then ultimately founded her salon where she works in Tel Aviv.

Breanna is a part of the Dyson Ambassadors of Israel team. She gets to host events, and Dyson even sends her to travel with the rest of the Dyson Middle East team, so they can learn about their hair products and styling tips.

While she works at the salon, she is mostly teaching people how to take care of their curls. For the past year, she has been working on a product line called "OH CURL." Her goal is to create a product that does it all -- a styling cream that conditions and serves as a deep moisturizing treatment.

Oleh Breanna Stein laying on a cushioned bench overlooking the sea

Breanna came here with the goal to learn Hebrew, but hair is taking the main stage. She says the best part of her Aliyah has been building a community, through work, through Ulpan, and making new friends.

"Everyone says it will be so hard. And then you're here, and you're doing it. Even if it's a challenge, you figure it out. The biggest challenge of all is not settling for the way things are. You should always push to make it better than the way you originally wanted. It's hard work, but in the end, you can get what you want!"

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