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#Meet_The_Oleh Kevin & Eddna Samuel

Aliyah Dates:

Kevin: September 2018 \ Eddna: October 2018

Immigrated from: Mumbai, India

Currently living in Tel-Aviv; Tel Nof Base

Many Olim spend months planning and preparing for their Aliyah. Kevin and his mother Eddna went for a more spontaneous approach when they moved to Israel from India!

Oleh Kevin & Eddna Samuel standing on steps in Jaffa

Originally from Mumbai, India, Eddna decided to come to Israel after her son made Aliyah. She runs a PR company in Mumbai India. Eddna made a dynamic career in the world of media & entertainment serving clients in the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing, media, and communication strategies over the last 18 years.

She says, “My Aliyah was not planned. My son flew in a month before me, and then my journey started. Being a science graduate I wanted him to have the opportunity to study, travel, and enjoy a bit while he was young. So I said, look, I want you to have a few years to explore. Think of where you want to go.

He said, “Israel.”

Eddna’s son, Kevin, was living in Mumbai at that time. He was working at Dentsu Aegis, a PR Company, but realized he didn’t want to stay long-term. Kevin had been to Israel twice as a child and then went on a Taglit trip. Through that trip, he made many friends. Soon after, he became involved with the JCC office in Mumbai. Many of his friends have made Aliyah since then.

Kevin started his Aliyah process in an instant without much contemplation. With a little encouragement from his mother, he decided to take the plunge.

“Coming from India, one does not have any understanding of what it means to be in the Israeli army. When I came to Israel on Taglit, I decided that if I ever make Aliyah I will enroll myself with the IDF. Hence I was always mentally prepared to serve in the IDF.”
“Before joining the army I learned that at 25/26 one does not have to sign-up with the army, but that was not an option for me. Luckily, the IDF made it quite easy for me without creating any issue about my age.”

The army is part of the Aliyah process for Kevin. It’s a part of the journey, getting used to Israeli, their way of thinking, and of course Israeli culture.

Kevin currently serves in the Israeli Air Force as an Electronic Technician for Flight Controls.

Oleh Eddna Samuel visiting a shuk

In Israel, Eddna teaches Indian cooking workshops! Part of what makes her cooking special is that she infuses Indian flavors into Israeli recipes!

She says, “Living here is an adventure! Enjoy the surprises and blessing of every step in the wonderful journey called life." Eddna also represents MIT World Peace University, where she recruits Indian students for exchange programs in Israel.
Kevin sums up his and his mother’s swift decision to move to Israel, “In today’s day and age, moving to a new part of the world is not the way it used to be. You can take a flight whenever, wherever. I can speak to my grandmother every day on Whatsapp. Moving to a new place isn’t as intimidating. Because we are all connected.”


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