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#Meet_the_Oleh Maia Dori

Aliyah Date: August 2020

Made Aliyah from Savannah, Georgia

Currently living in Petah Tikvah

Did you know that more Israelis are reading books than ever before? What does this have to do with Maia's Aliyah story? Keep reading to find out!

Olah Maia Dori laying on grass - Petah Tikvah,  just made Aliyah Aliyah

Maia just made Aliyah from Atlanta, Georgia with her whole family. They live in Petah Tikvah, and the adjustment during Corona has certainly been a whirlwind!

Her parents knew they wanted to make Aliyah for a few years, but Maia actually didn't plan on moving. But, she just graduated from Stern College in May, and all of Manhattan was shut down. She was living at home, and it seemed like as good a time as any to make Aliyah, as she was starting a new stage of life post-grad.

Her parents are actually from Israel, so for them, it was just a matter of coming home after 20 something years abroad. And the advantage to this is that Maia is fluent in Hebrew!

A few years ago, Maia did a gap year in Israel and attended Bar Ilan University. It was her first time living here, and as an avid reader, Maia was finding it difficult to find books in English.

Books in English were expensive, and there is a limited selection. This rested in the back of her mind.

Olah Maia Dori standing next to a bookcase filled with books - after her gap year in Israel at Bar Ilan University

Fast forward to just before Aliyah, where Maia had the idea to start "Rebook" the company she founded. Basically, it's an English book subscription service. Users sign up, choose a membership (starting from 30 shekalim) and start reading!

Every month you choose a book or multiple books of your choice, and you receive them through Israeli post and can begin to read! You exchange the books for new ones each month so that you never run out of possibilities. This service is so great because you receive books at your own pace. Some people read four books a month, some once every two months, and you can personalize your subscription based on this. You can pick up the books from Petah Tikvah, or get them delivered through the Israeli post. Shipping and returns are free!

Not only does this give you access to hundreds of awesome books, but it also helps with a space issue because you don't have to buy them all!

Olah Maia Dori - Founder of rebook

Corona has been a challenge for Maia during her Aliyah. When she came here, because of Corona, everything was in lockdown. Israel felt very different than what she was used to, which made the adjustment strange.

But now, things are opening and she can see friends in different cities so that has been wonderful!

And for the best part of Aliyah? Maia says that the beach is a huge luxury for her! She loves that it's just a drive away, whereas when she was in Georgia it was inaccessible.

Maia's advice for Olim is to remember that everything here is very different than in America.

Especially when she was starting her business, she would get caught up in the differences. Her reminder is to, "Take things as they are, and accept them as they are. Things run differently here."


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