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Moroccan Fish for Rosh Hashana

But did you know that Jews have the tradition of eating many special foods over this holiday?

These foods are called simanim, which literally mean signs or symbols, and they represent coming into the New Year with blessing and luck. Some examples of simanim are pomegranates, dates, leeks, and carrots.

One of the most famous, besides apples and honey, is the fish head.

We eat the head of a fish to bless us to be “the head” and not “the tail” as we come into the New Year. We are reminded to be leaders with visions and dreams and not followers.

This Rosh Hashanah, try making your own fish dish, and enjoy one of Israel’s most popular cuisines, Moroccan fish! Some of Israel’s most popular indigenous white fish are tilapia, and mullet, which are used in many Israeli fish recipes, which have traveled to our country from different Jewish cultures around the world.

This Moroccan fish tutorial by Israeli Nataly Dana will fulfill your Rosh Hashanah dreams!

Let's get cooking!

...and בתאבון!


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