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My Israeli Hanukkah Story

By: Elisabet Meltvik

As an immigrant to Israel, who has been living here for nine years, I have had my share of holidays.

During this particular Hanukkah, I decided to volunteer with my municipality to go and light candles with Holocaust survivors and elderly who are alone.

I arrived in Israel without my family, and although they are spending a lot of time here, this holiday I would be "on my own". Thus, it seemed like a nice idea to connect with another person who also doesn't have anyone to celebrate with.

Together with my Israeli boyfriend, we visited a lovely lady aged 97, who moved to Israel from the former Soviet Union. Masha is alone and was so happy to have someone visit her and bring some light into her home. Despite her age, Masha was eager to say the blessing herself and sang with all her heart.

It was a heartwarming moment that we shared with her, listening to her stories about her earlier years in Israel. It also reminded me that not everyone is fortunate to have a family and close friends to spend time with, in particular, during the holidays.

Thank you, Elisabet, for sharing such a wonderful story!


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