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Netinat Lulav

As we come out of one holiday and into the next, it is important to take the time to step away from our own needs and focus our energy on others.

Men praying at the Western while holding a lulav and etrog

We often don’t realize how easy it is to give to others, and how good it feels too! This Sukkot, give צדקה (charity) to the organization of your choice with just one click!

Netinat Lulav is a non-profit organization devoted to helping those in need throughout Israel and uses the four species to help actualize their vision.

The four species are four different plants named in the Torah that Jews bind together on Sukkot, and wave symbolically. Made up of the palm branch, myrtle and willow branches, and the etrog, the four species are bought by many Jews for this holiday.

Looking to buy yourself your own set of the four species, and would like to donate to a charity in the process? Netinat Lulav has got you covered!

You can choose your set of four species from a variety of different styles, and all of the money you spend will be donated to the charity of your choice. Netinat Lulav works with almost 90 charities you can choose from, so you can donate somewhere you are truly passionate about!

If your loving heart cannot choose between the 90 charities, you can even decide to split your donation between every organization, and help them all! To make things easier there are pickup stations all around Israel for you to collect your four species set!

Netinat Lulav’s motto, in the words of the Jewish sages, is "מצוה גוררת מצוה"- one good deed leads to the next.

And with the work of Netinat Lulav, soon the whole world will be filled with good deeds!


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