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Neve Tzedek - Modernity And History Intertwined

Looking for an authentic and artsy new area in Israel to explore? If you are in the Tel Aviv area, head over to Neve Tzedek, one of the cities most unique and fun areas in all of Israel!

Neve Tzedek, literally translated into "Oasis of Justice", this neighborhood was the first Jewish one built outside of the Old City of Jaffa, back in 1887. It was originally established by a bunch of families, who wanted a quiet oasis and refuge from the overcrowding in Jaffa- it was created around 20 years before Tel Aviv even began! Decades later the neighborhood began its decay, with its little upkeep, and the second choice to up-and-coming Tel Aviv. It was even declared a slum of the city! Thankfully, in the 1980s before it was too late, the city began its restoration process, bringing it back to the peaceful oasis it once was!

The area is built with quaint and winding alleyways, colorful buildings, and terraces bursting with flowers and crisply green plants. Today, Neve Tzedek has become somewhat of a center in the fashion world, with stores of top Israeli designers, and other boutique shops traveling down one of the neighborhood's main streets. There are cute ice cream shops, high-quality home goods stores, and an excellent vibe.

It has become a bohemian getaway for many, and filled with artists, writers, and creative minds, looking for quiet, and inspiration to create!

Begin your visit at Israel's first movie theater - the Eden Theater, on Lilenbloom street. The ancient theater has been deserted since the 1970s, and you can feast your eyes on a classic Israeli monument.

From there you can enjoy the rest of the marvelous options Neve Tzedek has to offer, from hip restaurants and bars to the great museums and shops the neighborhood offers. Lined along the main avenue are boutique fashion stores, craft shops, beautiful art galleries, and delicious top-notch food and drink.

And just a short walk away is Tel Aviv's old railway station, Hatachana, which has been converted and restored as a colorful and vibrant place for a stroll to take in the amazing scenery.

There are also several parks where you can sit and relax, or even make a nice picnic with your family or friends. Most importantly, from there you are only a several minutes walk to the great Tel Aviv beach. What better way to finish a day's trip than loafing around at some of Israel's greatest beaches?

Don't forget your hat and sunscreen!

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