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Nevsu Sitcom

Sit back after a long day’s work, and settle into the laughter and entertainment of one of Israel’s top sitcom TV shows, Nevsu (נבסו), meaning ‘soul’ in the traditional Ethiopian language Amharic.

2 sitcom actors being filmed

The show is co-written by and stars Yossi Vasa, a famous Ethiopian actor and writer, telling the story of a bi-racial Israeli couple, and the amusing and unique life that comes with it.

In the show, Gili, and his classically Ashenazic Israeli wife Tamar, navigate life with their culturally different in-laws, and the outrageous experiences that ensue as a result. The couple learns how to raise a daughter while living under Tamar’s extremely Polish parent’s roof, as they grapple with the extremes of classical Ethiopian tradition and the drastically different Ashkenazic ones.

Watch the trailer here!

"Not only is the show a comedic gem, but it portrays a real dynamic important for Israeli society to internalize. We are a country of immigrants, of bi-racial and bi-cultural families, and there is something beautiful in Israel’s ability to bring together socially, culturally, and traditionally different types of Jews. And where there is still work to be done in this area, it is important for shows like ‘Nevsu’ to touch upon them in a lighthearted yet poignant way."

The show received international acclaim and won the International Emmy for Comedy Series in 2018. It was even bought for screening by the American TV station FOX!

Laugh all night with Gili and Tamar, and feel the warmth of their relatable, dramatic, and amusing story!


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