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New Years Eve in Israel

Across the world, New Year's Eve is a festive night full of parties, drinks, fireworks, and music. The Jewish New Year comes on a different date than the rest of the world, so what's the New Year like in Israel? Keep reading to find out!

A group of men and women dressed up and celebrating at a New Year's party

New Year's Eve is actually called "#Silvester" in Israel. This name was taken from the German name for New Year, named after Saint Sylvester (who evidently doesn't have the greatest history with Jewish people.)

Novy God is another way that the New Year is celebrated in Israel, for those of Russian roots. This holiday has a lot in common with Christmas actually, in that there are gifts given under a tree, and there's even a bearded character that resembles Santa Claus in the mix. But it's actually a completely secular holiday. It's a chance to celebrate the New Year with loved ones and eat, drink, and be merry!

Regardless of history, Israelis like an opportunity to party, and New Year's Eve is no exception. Normally, you can find bars and clubs having parties, and don't forget that all of the Olim celebrate this New Year too! There are concerts, pub crawls, and parties galore -- we are looking forward to this!


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