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Open Your Eyes With Fauda

If you haven't been living under a rock the past few years, then you know that Fauda has taken the world by storm. Not only in Israel, but worldwide, this Israeli action TV show has given Israel a great name for itself!

This political thriller is streamed not only on Israeli TV, but can be found on Netflix as well. The New York Times voted Fauda one of the best international shows in 2017, the notorious review site Rotton Tomatoes even rated the show a 100% of viewer reviews! That seems pretty impressive to us!

Check out the newest season's trailer:

Fauda, meaning 'chaos' in Arabic, features an undercover Israeli unit that hunts down terrorists. Years after the show's protagonist, Doron, retires from his service in the Israeli Defense Force, he is drawn back into the drama when it is discovered that a previously thought deceased terrorist turns up again, threatening to attack again! And thus the man-hunt begins.

The show emphasizes the chaotic relationships and situations in which the Israeli and Palestinian narratives face on a daily basis here in Israel. The show touches upon the complexities and nuances that characterize the story of the Israeli people.

While most of the show's feedback has been positive and encouraging, few have criticized the show for portraying a biased perspective, showing only one side of a very complex conflict.

Listen to co-creator Avi Issacharoff discuss his journey with the show!

Open your eyes and mind to the complexities of life in Israel. Plus, with it's suspenseful thrill and captivating action, it is extremely entertaining! Enjoy😊


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