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Ra'anana Real Estate.

Did you know that Ra'anana is the sixth most popular cities to live in Israel ?

ra'anana real estate

The real estate scene in Ra'anana mainly stars Israelis who made aliyah.

Walking in the streets you will hear a variety of languages ​​including Spanish, French and especially English.

But why is Raanana so popular?

What makes this city in Israel so suitable for Americans, South Africans and the international community in Israel ?

Ra'anana was built in 1922 by a group of olim chadashim from North America they built an amazing city, well-planned and perhaps the most comfortable city in Israel to live in.

In Ra'anana you can find communities forming around all styles of synagogues and cultural institutions.

With public gardens on almost every street in the city.

A main street that crosses the city and is full of cafes, bars and convenience stores.

It's no wonder that real estate in Ra'anana is booming.

If you want to explore your options in the real estate market in Ra'anana


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