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Rachel's Sandwiches

It's not just any sandwich. You need to try Rachel's Sandwiches!

Closeup of a sandwich covered in parchment paper cut in half on a plate
Delicious sandwich from Rachel's Sandwiches in Jerusalem / Shifra Gottleib

Right next to Azza Street in Jerusalem sits the quiet and picturesque street of Sderot Ben Maimon, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the cars and pedestrians of city life. On a beautiful pathway in the middle of the street, lined with flowers and trees, sits Rachel - who makes the most amazing sandwiches!

These may sound like your standard sandwiches, but they are so much more! Rachel grew up in Nahlaot, Jerusalem, and won second place on Israel’s most popular cooking show, Master Chef! After her big win, she opened up her quaint sandwich shop. It is a sandwich oasis, with its family-friendly energy and its boutique and warm vibes.

"There is something magical about this place. You are seconds away from the loud city life, as you sit with a quiet and peaceful ambiance that Rachel has created, right in the center of Jerusalem! You also get a show of expertise as well, as you watch Rachel make your perfect food in real-time."

A small hourglass shaped glass filled with coffee being held up by a woman with a Rachel's Sandwiches in the background
Don't forget to order coffee to go along with your sandwich! / Shifra Gottleib

A recommendation from Rivka

My favorite sandwich is the vegan sandwich, but if you are a brave soul I recommend “Rachel, Surprise Me”. You give Rachel the chance to make a uniquely magical sandwich just for you, where of course you can add your preferences as well!


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