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Refillaviv provides information about the lifecycle of plastic and waste, and holds fun “refill” events at different local businesses, creating a more convenient and easy way for supporters to refill their bottles.

Refillaviv founder Talya hugging another man

Refillaviv is a traveling zero-waste stop, hoping to inspire environmental change in a relatable and accessible way, with the dream of cutting down the use of plastic packaging, one person at a time!

How it all began...

Gavi and Talya created this amazing initiative to provide Israelis with local and sustainable home products, without all the pesky plastic packaging. Gavi is a foodie and was frustrated with the endless disposable plastic used in places like the Shuk. Talya is a traveler and cannot deal with the damage and pollution brought on by travel.

Both currently living in Tel Aviv, they began contributing to their local communal compost. Soon, they began to realize how much packaging came with their waste. This awareness inspired them to create a largescale change, and the rest is history! They have created a community that celebrates the small steps towards using less plastic.

Refillaviv founder Talya filling up a container

So How Does It Work?

BYOC (bring your own container) or purchase one at their mobile refill station. Make sure to clean out and dry your container before coming to refill.

Refills are sold by the kilogram. They will weigh your container prior to filling it.

They will fill your container with your choice of one of their sustainable products- such as shampoo, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, detergent, etc.

A washing machine being filled with detergent bought from Refillaviv

A tip from the owner herself!

"My favorite product is the hair conditioner. With curly hair, it’s so nice to find a product that is natural and moisturizing as well as curly girl method approved. Usually, I go through so many plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner a year, it’s so important for me to cut down on that impact."

Fun fact about Refillaviv...

The idea of Refillaviv grew from just a thought to a full-fledged business overnight! Within a week of making the Facebook page, they had their first event with their traveling “refillary!”


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