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Return to the Land with Hashomer Hachadash

The Land of Israel.

A land that holds many footsteps. A land nurtured through its stories. A land that protects its people.

For millennium, the land of Israel has stood at the epicenter of humanity; a bridge from the past to the present, and the homeland of the Jewish nation.

The Jewish journey with the land is long and hard, and spans generations. We have built kingdoms, only to watch them destroyed time and time again. But with every destruction, there is a rebuilding. And with the founding of the modern State of Israel in 1948, we have returned once again; and this time, we plan on staying.

The love of our land is deep, and the dreams of our ancestors run through our veins. Today’s generation of Israelis is committed to protecting and preserving the land our ancestors fought so dearly for.

In 2007, Hashomer Hachadash was founded, by two Israeli men who dreamed of keeping this mission alive. Through education and social action throughout the country, this organization has succeeded in reigniting the passion of Israel’s people. Together, we are safeguarding and cultivating a land so dear to us- the land of Israel.

But as the modern world has begun shifting rapidly, and we have moved into a more fast-paced way of life, many of us have slowly forgotten the magic of the outdoors; and in Israel, our magnificent land has slowly lost its shine for too many of us. We’ve forgotten the snow-covered peaks of Mount Hermon, and the clear and fresh waters of the Sea of Galilee. We no longer marvel at the of the Negev’s sandy craters, or run through the vibrantly green fields of Israel’s wildflowers. Israel’s natural beauty, with its fertile land always ready to nourish us, has been lost to so many.

It is time to remind ourselves of the truth we have just barely forgotten: a flourishing land creates a flourishing people. And with Hashomer Hachadash, the natural harmony between land and people is finally being restored.

With over 100,000 annual volunteers, the organization succeeds in safeguarding 220,000 acres of Israeli land, both in the northern Galilee and in the southern Negev. Much of Israel’s land is not being properly cared for, while agricultural crime has also been on the rise in recent years. To combat this, Hashomer Hachadash has created several effective programs and initiatives to protect our farmers and our land. From young to old, there are opportunities available for everyone to be involved.

Starting in elementary school, Hashomer Hachadash has established new youth movements dedicated to the education of Israel’s future generations, teaching about the land, with its rich history and its rich soil. From a young age, Israelis are now being taught of our mutual responsibility, both to the land itself, and to the existence of Zionism. With new programs available throughout high school and the army, and ones to carry you into a new and exciting young adult life, these values are not only taught; they are lived.

My search for the perfect mix – a supportive community and meaningful work – led me to HaShomer HaChadash. And here I am, in the area next to the Gaza Strip, working in agriculture, living on Kibbutz Nirim, and I feel complete and fulfilled, just as I had hoped” - Eli Kay

Opportunities from guarding over Israeli farmland to protect from intruders, to helping with the agricultural processes on Israeli farms, and even working in Israeli forests against wildfires, are all options with Hashomer Hachadash. Each ones reminds us that when we connect with the land, we connect with our roots.

A nation is only as beautiful and strong as its land, and with Hashomer Hachadash, we are beginning to cultivate the intrinsic value of the Promised Land of Israel.


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