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Sahlav | סַחְלָב

As the weather begins to change, and sweater-weather kicks in with chilly nights, your insides need to be warm and cozy as well. We have the perfect Israeli drink to take care of just that. Step aside hot chocolate, sahlav is the classic, sweet, and delicious drink we are really craving.

Sahlav | סַחְלָב

Sahlav, a thick and creamy drink common all throughout the Middle East, is named after the orchid flower, known as sahlav in Hebrew. The drink’s shining star ingredient is the orchid flower’s bulb, giving it its unique flavor and creamy texture. Mix this in with hot milk, orange blossom water, cinnamon, and vanilla, and you have yourself sahlav!

The drink has been around for thousands of years, and even the Romans were known to have used the orchid flower to flavor drinks! Before tea and coffee became the popular hot drinks, sahlav was on every menu in and around Europe!

This Israeli favorite pops up around the country at the start of winter, and you’ll find it sold all over Israel, in the shuks (outdoor markets), in cafes, and by street vendors to sweeten your cold and rainy winter day.

But if venturing out of the warmth of your own home seems too daring, make Israeli sahlav !

Sahlav | סַחְלָב

Nowadays, while finding orchid powder (called saloob) is possible, it can be quite a challenging mission, and many people use cornstarch flour instead. Trust us, it has the same delicious results!

Every sahlav drink has its own unique finish, so get creative with your toppings: coconut, bananas, raisins, marshmallows, or pistachios!


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