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So You Thought You Knew Fauda

If you haven't seen Fauda yet, are you REALLY a fan of good Israeli TV?

Fauda has been ranked one of the top Israeli TV shows, not only nationally, but globally for a few years now. It is the story of a retired IDF officer who finds his way back in the line of duty, helping the IDF chase down a previously thought to be dead terrorist, who is back and a threat to all.

For those of you who are Fauda enthusiasts, we've compiled some of the most interesting facts about the show and its actors for you to geek out on! Enjoy!

  1. Lior Raz worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodyguard in 1993.

  2. Lior Raz not only helped create Fauda, but he also plays the leading role of Doron Kavillio.

  3. The third season of Fauda has subtitles and dubbing to cater to a variety of languages.

  4. American celebrities including Stephen King and Conan O'Brien stopped by the set of Fauda.

  5. Avi Issacharoff worked as a journalist covering Palestinian Affairs.

  6. Lior Raz was a part of Duvdevan, an undercover IDF counter-terrorism unit during his mandatory IDF service. The show is partially based on the experiences he had then.

Next time you watch Fauda, be sure to keep in mind some of the amazing facts that make this show (and its actors) so phenomenal!


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