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Socks - גַּרְבַּיִים

"Garbayim" or socks, are a must for the winter in Israel. Keep reading for why socks are so important for Israeli winters.

We live in the Middle East, and yes, it's hot here. But the winters here tend to be cold and rainy. The buildings are not structured to keep you warm, but actually to be cool and drafty, which suits the Israeli summer. The ceilings are high and the buildings are stone, and they often aren't carpeted. Walking around barefoot is a guaranteed way to FREEZE during the winter--hence, the socks.

The truth is, ask anyone, no Israeli mother can see a child (or anyone, for that matter) without socks on during winter. So, our iKonnect's Israeli Tip of the Week is: always wear socks in the winter! For one, you'll keep yourself warm and cozy, and you will keep your Israeli ima (mother) happy too!



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