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Start your New Year Off Right with Ten Gav

In Israel, we love to give.

Tzedaka, or charity, sits at our nation’s core, and is what keeps us alive and thriving. We are a people that values the collective, and sees the importance in holding our brothers and sisters’ needs as our very own.

Your needs are my needs, and my needs are yours.

In Israel, no one is ever alone. As a nation, we are committed to working together to create a country where no child goes to sleep hungry, where we all have clothes to keep us warm in the winter and beds to safely fall asleep in each night.

As we begin the High Holiday season, many of us take the extra time to look back on our previous year and see how we can make this coming one even better. How can we find more meaning this year? How can we create more good in the world?

For many, the answer is found through tzedakah. When we give to others, we often receive so much more in return.

And with Ten Gav, the experience of giving is even more meaningful.

TenGav founders, Viva and Naomi

All too often, the experience of giving tzedakah feels distant and impersonal. We give to a cause that feels close to our hearts, but where is our money going? Who are the very real people on the other side, receiving our care and love?

Ten Gav is an Israeli online crowd-funding platform, designed to make charity both personal and easy. Read through the many personal stories on Ten Gav’s website, and meet the men, women and children whose stories are both raw and real. Everyone has the opportunity to find a cause they personally connect with and with a full heart, know exactly where their donation is going.

“As a single mother who has raised 5 children on my own, I look to support the single mothers who work full-time and have to support their children too. Giving to women who I can relate to, who have a similar story to mine, is such a meaningful experience. I recommend Tev Gav to everyone!”- Roochie

Some families need beds for their children who have been sleeping on the floor for months. Some young adults from broken homes need new computers for a degree. Some couples need extra support after the pandemic wreaked havoc on their lives. The needs for everyone may be different, but they all need our help.

Working directly with Israeli social services providers across the country, all charity opportunities with Ten Gav come their way through social workers or healthcare providers, ensuring the true need of the recipients on the other side.

In just this last year alone, with the help of the Ten Gav staff, social workers around the country, and hundreds of generous donors around the world, Ten Gav has helped 754 Israeli families in need: They have distributed 400 computers and tablets, assisted 55 individuals with their course tuitions, provided 118 families with beds, provided 85 families with electrical appliances, 5 families with medical accessories, paid for 20 psychological evaluations, chugim and day care for 16 families, assisted 2 individuals with business equipment and helped 53 families make their rent in a rough patch.

TenGav founders with a local supplier

Ten Gav means to “give your back” to others, and the organization gives us the opportunity to take a load off someone else’s back, when you yourself can hold it for them.

Start your new year off spreading the message of hope across Israel with Ten Gav. We are a people who fight for the lives of others. We are brothers and sisters, and with Ten Gav, we will always have each other’s backs.


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