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The Band's Visit

Israel has created and produced some of the greatest films of all time! With touches of culture, depth, and Israeli values all wrapped in the package of great entertainment, the Israeli film/TV industry is a true nationwide success.

Bikur Hatizmoret (The Band's Visit) is one of the most acclaimed Israeli films of all time.

It won multiple awards in Israel and around the world, and is an absolute iKonnect favorite! It is actually an international co-production between Israel, France, and the United States, and was also turned into a Broadway show, with music written by an Israeli musician!

The Band's Visit is the story of Israelis and Egyptians coming together, as the Police Orchestra of Egypt's Alexandria makes their way to a small and quiet, southern Israeli town by mistake. eight band members were set to perform at an Arab cultural center in Israel's center, but a miscommunication finds them down south, among native Israelis in a new development town for the night. With no transportation to leave, or hotels to stay in, the band befriends a few of the town's locals. And from there it all begins.

Check out the trailer here:

The story is one of friendship, unity, and a bit about the way life tends to send us unexpected and undercover blessings! We just have to be open to receiving them!

This brilliant movie is an Israeli staple, and should definitely be added to your list!


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