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The Bank Mishap

Everyone has their "#Only_in_Israel" Story. Here's Baila's story:

2 men walking through the Old City of Jerusalem

As a new Olah in Israel, I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes!

I was at my Israeli bank, because I had accidentally transferred a large sum of money into the wrong bank account, and had to go on a wild goose chase to hunt it down!

At the bank, the bank teller was clearly unimpressed and began screaming at me, wondering how in the world I could have transferred money into the wrong bank account. She began lecturing me as I sat there already terrified of losing the money, and quite aware of the mistake I had made!

But then, suddenly, in the same matter-of-fact tone I had received the lecture in, she asked me where I was going for the upcoming holiday. She knew I was an Olah hadasha, and asked me to come to her house for the holiday! She looked at me, and with no hesitation said,

“You can sleep over at my house, and we are religious too don’t worry. And by the way… Can I give your phone number to my son?”

I was crying the entire time, thinking this woman and this country are crazy! But now I realize that it’s the kind of crazy that everyone loves!


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