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The Best Cold Brew in Israel

Guest blog by Shifra Gottlieb

Have you ever tried to order 'cold brew' in Israel?

It may have been a bit difficult. Israelis aren't really familiar with this up and coming type of coffee. But not for long!

The newest trends may reach Israel a bit later than some other nations of the world, but soon enough, they make it here!

That is why it's so great (especially for me!) that Brandon Treger moved to Israel.

Some may say that I am a coffee snob. I don't blame them. I really enjoy my morning cup of coffee (my afternoon cup too😊). I think the best coffee I have ever tasted must have been in Melbourne, Australia. For some time, I have been trying to find some coffee here in Israel that brings me back to the delicious tastes of Australia. And to my surprise, there are some really great and hidden spots all over the country!

When summer comes around in Israel and it gets so hot, all I really want are cold drinks. That is when I switch my hafuh to either kafe kar (cold coffee) or ice-cafe (Israeli frappuccino). I personally rather kafe kar, since they take the espresso shot and pour it on ice with cold milk. It has less sugar and makes me feel a bit more healthy 😉.

Close up of a cup of ice coffee with a clear straw
Ice cold kafe kar is very refreshing on a hot day.

That is why I was so excited to discover "Power Coffeeworks" just as summer came around. I found this place by mistake! I was walking with a friend in the Mahane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem when I stumbled upon this small and boutique style cafe. Power Coffeeworks is run by an amazing man, Brandon Treger, who made aliyah from South Africa. His coffee comes from the most quality coffee beans (Africa has some great coffee), in addition to other delicious drinks and sweet treats they sell.

But the best part? He sells cold brew!

So what is so special about cold brew? Well, It's coffee that is brewed using cold (or, really, room temperature) water, rather than hot water. The process takes longer—most methods call for an overnight steep—and the result is a coffee concentrate that tends to taste less acidic than other iced coffee methods. In other words, the coffee doesn't get heated and the strong taste is as clean as coffee can be. This makes sure no one burns your coffee. And trust me, it is DELICIOUS

So, if you enjoy cold coffee and want to give cold brew this a try this summer, be sure to pop by Power Coffeeworks when you are in Jerusalem, and try a cup (15 NIS)! For the real cold brew enthusiasts, Treger sells bottles for 40 NIS that can be re-filled for 35 NIS!

Yalla, drink up!


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