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The Cairo Convicts

The Cairo Convicts, other known as Nidoney Kahir, were Jewish - Egyptian citizens, that were sent by the IDF on a secret mission against Egyptian forces.

The unit was formed by Avraham Dar, a Palmah officer, and the unit's mission was to get King Farouk dethroned so that a more Israel-prone leadership would form in Egypt.

After King Farouk was dethroned, the unit continued with its missions against Egyptian forces. In July 1954, one of the unit's members was caught, which led to the capture of 12 other members. These 13 members were nicknamed Nidoney Kahir. One of the members, Max Bint, committed suicide in his cell after five months of horrible torture.

On January 31st, 1955, two of the members, Dr. Moshe Marzuk and Shmuel Ezer, were sentenced to death and executed. Their bodies weren't returned to Israel until 1974.

The rest of the members were sentenced to long prison time, between seven years to life. Only two of them were acquitted.


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