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The Cool Dud Shemesh

The #dud_shemesh, Israel's solar water heater, is probably the subject of most arguments in Israeli homes.

Because who wants to take a cold shower?!

A solar water heater (dud shemesh) on a roof

Not only is the dud shemesh, or dud for short, one of the most convenient inventions in Israel, but it is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly inventions as well! While most other countries use an electric hot water tank to heat their water, Israel uses the sun's energy to hear its water! This not only saves the country a large sum of money annually, but helps the environment by using the natural resources of the sun for energy.

Israel is one of the leading nations in the world in the world of environmental innovation. Not only has Israel created the dud shemesh in addition to implementing the use of solar panels in many other areas, but the country has been in the forefront of many new agricultural developments, such a drip irrigation as well.

The dud shemesh itself was created in the 1950's by Dr. Harry Tzvi Tabor, who in part says he was tired of paying such high electricity bills! Well, his solution worked, and has become a main staple of any Israeli home. As you walk the streets of almost any city or town in Israel, take a look above, and find the solar panels on top of each building! In such a hot country with a wonderfully strong sun, this invention is one for the books!

Many dud shemesh's have a timer attached to them, so you can decide when to use the stored hot water from the sun's light!

In a few year's time, we may start beginning to see solar water heaters pop up around the world, used to save both money, resources, and our planet!

Next time you turn on your dud to take a shower, remember that you are partaking in Israeli history and supporting Israeli innovation! And don't forget to turn it off!!


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