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The Davidson Institute - מְכוֹן דָּוִידְסוֹן

Rehovot, Israel | Weizmann Institute of Science

Missing the days when you could venture out to one of Israel’s museums, and spend a day immersed in the rich history, science, and culture that Israel has to offer? Well, now you can do it from your own comfy bed!

The Davidson Institute, the educational branch of the Weizmann Institute of Science, has created the perfect platform for those still hungry for knowledge during Corona times. Their online website, dedicated specifically to these times, has a range of engaging games, articles, and interactive activities about science.

If you’re looking to challenge your own knowledge of the science world, hop onto their trivia games, which cover a range of scientific topics, like space and the human body. Or you can read up on topics you never even knew you were curious about, like the chemistry of ice cream and the songs that birds create!

However, if you’re looking to get down and dirty and spend the day like a true scientist, check out their “At Home Experiment” page. These experiments will bring you back to the giddiness and playfulness of your 10-year-old self playing “mad scientist” in your basement, sliding into new worlds of imagination and creativity. Learn how to transform the materials you already have at home into a whole new reality.

Check out “Relight My Fire”, an experiment that teaches you how to relight and extinguish flames just from the smoke!

Even more exciting are the online free courses you can sign up for, covering a huge range of intriguing ideas, including astronomy and the future of science. All of these courses are in English, which you can follow at your own pace.

With the Davidson Institute, spending the day at home has never looked so enticing!


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