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The Dead Sea: Israel's Salty Gem

The Dead Sea has been a floating attraction of wellness and health for thousands of years! It was the center of ancient Israel’s spa and restoration industry during the Roman era, and continues to heal and soothe people from all over the world today, with its magical salts.

Most of us know the joys of floating in the world’s saltiest lake, but many of us don’t realize the phenomenal health benefits of the Dead Sea. Being the lowest point on earth, at 1400 feet below sea level, this unique body of water is nine times saltier than the ocean itself!

While accidentally swallowing some water may be a bit of a sting, the enormous levels of salt allow for the Dead Sea experience to be a restoring one. The water is filled with minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium and sodium, and creates a rare combination of healing properties that can be found nowhere else in the world.

When wading in the water, you may be surprised to find yourself sinking into thick, brown mud instead of sand, which its low sea level helps create. It may feel gooey, but this mud is your best friend. Formed from the layers and layers of sedimentary clay over thousands of years, its skin benefits are well-known around the world.

Many people travel to the Dead Sea just to cover themselves head to toe in the soft and velvety mud, as its health benefits are unmeasurable. The saltwater and mud are used for a number of health conditions, from the chronic pain of arthritis to skin inflammation and even acne! Many say the minerals help to encourage good blood circulation and help ease nerves as well.

The water may sting a bit and the mud may feel a bit dirty, but the discomfort is well worth it. Your skin will be supple and glowing after a dip in the water and a round of mud in the desert sun.

That being said, the Dead Sea experience isn’t just one of salt and dirt, but has become one of luxury and class. Multiple spas now line the shore, offering special Dead Sea treatments and specials, using authentic and rich Dead Sea creams for your body and face. Sip your iced-tea on the salty shores with massages, all you can eat breakfasts, and the healing atmosphere of the Dead Sea.

While a weekend getaway may be ideal, not everyone can make it to the Dead Sea often enough to keep up with the perfect skincare regimen. That’s where Dead Sea skincare products come in- a whole industry that brings the Dead Sea straight to your front door! Hundreds of cosmetic and skin-care lines have developed Dead Sea creams, soaps and lotions, designed to bring to you the benefits of Israel's salty gem. Whether you are in Tel Aviv or New York, you can now treat both your skin and soul to the soft and healing touch of the Dead Sea daily- no stings involved!

Shaya’s Dead Sea creams, soaps, and scrubs smell amazing, and keep you fresh, clean and revitalized!



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