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The First Date Photographer

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Yafit's story.

My husband Marc and I dated about five years ago, and broke up for about three years; it was a hard breakup! A few years ago, when we decided to give it a shot again, we were on our "first date" in Jerusalem, walking along Yafo street in the center of town.

A really nice man stopped us - a photographer named David Michael Cohen, who offered to take our picture for us during such a special moment, saying we looked like such a great couple! Of course, we both felt a bit uncomfortable considering our situation, but my now-husband convinced me to go for it, on the chance that the picture comes in handy one day!

As Marc went to take out money to pay for our photograph, I remember chatting with David about our situation and receiving such warm and wise advice. He shared with me his story about him and his own wife and blessed us that all should happen at the right time with the right person. I was really impressed by him.

Marc and Yafit on their first date
David Michael Cohen Photography

Fast-forward 6 months, and Marc and I are engaged! We actually used David's picture as our Save The Date picture, and hired him to be our photographer at our engagement party to bring things full circle! We really felt connected to David and his wife, and invited them to our wedding, this time as guests. Their gift to us was beautiful pictures that David took at our wedding as well!

We have been in each other's lives ever since!

David's Side

David Michael Cohen is an Israel-based photographer who works in events and photojournalism. However, on his nights off, he loves to use his skill to capture the people of holy Jerusalem.

During my free time, I go out to the streets of Jerusalem and ask random people to take their pictures! Usually, I go to couples, groups of friends, and interesting-looking people.

These pictures are really unique and special to me, as I use a rare 'petzal lens', a copper reincarnation of an 1840's lens. This creates such beautiful pictures. I save this lens just for the people of Jerusalem!

That night, I saw a couple on a date. I began talking with them, and something seemed a bit awkward - maybe just because I have no tact! But eventually, they agreed and I took a picture; then and there they decided to buy it! When Marc went to withdraw money, Yafit began spilling their whole story to me!

I told her how I met my wife. We had been suggested to each other many times for about 6 months, but we both kept declining the offer to meet the other. I never even saw her picture! Well, one day, I was on the train and saw a beautiful woman. I began talking with her, only to discover that this was the woman I had kept saying declining! And today, she is my wife!

Sometimes, I told Yafit, God has His own timing.

I had the honor of photographing Yafit and Marc's engagement and henna, and attended their wedding as a friend! They are an amazing couple and great friends!

A photographer jumping in the air while holding his camera
Credit to: justus preuß

David Michael Cohen is an Israel-based photographer.

His Jerusalem project is called #StreetPhotoJLM

Check out his work here!


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