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The Hanukkah Club

Everyone has an "Only in Israel" story, here is Talya's story.

"Even in the clubs, Israel celebrates the Jewish holidays!"

Rows of hanukkiot lit for Hanukkah

I was 18 and in seminary for the year. My friends and I went down south to Eilat for the Hanukkah break. The whole country has vacation the week of Hanukkah, and Eilat was hopping with Israelis, tourists, and many seminary and yeshiva students!

We went to a club one night to dance the night away (legal age here is 18, don't worry.) Around 3 am, after dancing for hours, the music stopped and we all watched as the DJ light the Hanukkah candles, and sing the blessings together!

Right after, the DJ put on a techno version of one of the Hanukkah songs we all know from childhood, and the club went wild! We rocked out until morning to remixed Hanukkah songs.

The whole experience definitely felt like a real Hanukkah miracle!


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