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The Hot Springs of Israel

In the summer, Israel's maayanot (springs) are filled to bursting with Israelis swimming to cool off. What many may not know is that Israel also has some wonderful natural hot springs too!

Forget about the cold and rain this winter and take a dip in Israel's rejuvenating mineral-rich hot springs. Check out 3 of Israel's most popular hot springs below!

A bowl with a towel on the edge of a hot spring pool

01 Hamei Gaash Hot Springs

Not far from Tel Aviv and just two kilometers from Netanya are the Hamei Gaash hot springs. Experience total relaxation in a complex of 4 thermo-mineral pools at varying temperatures, rich with salt minerals, and just enough sulfur to experience the benefits without the lingering smell. With its proximity to the center, you can pop over for a relaxing and blissful evening at any time.

02 Hamat Gader Hot Springs

Up north near the Sea of Galilee lies the Hamat Gader hot springs. These baths originally started out as Roman baths 1,800 years ago, but not to worry, the pools you will use are more modern. The old Roman baths are now a part of the Hamat Gedar archeological park. If you have your little ones in tow, check out Hamat Geder's small zoo with a parrot show and alligator feedings!

03 Tiberias Hot Springs

If you're looking for a getaway to unwind, the hot springs in Tiberias are the place. You are also not very far from the Hamat Tiberias National Park, where you will find an ancient synagogue with a beautiful mosaic floor. The Tiberias hot springs not only soothe all your aches and pains, but they also come with a legend. It is said that thousands of years ago, on this very spot, the hot springs of Tiberias were created by Noah's Flood!

Forget about swimming in the freezing cold ocean or the cool rivers and springs of Israel. Our country's hot springs are the way to go, especially in the middle of Israel's wonderful but very cold and rainy winters!


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