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Rami Meiri: the Israeli Muralist

Through art, we share our authentic selves, our ideas, and our visions with the world.

Public art has been used for hundreds of years to spread messages and dreams of humanity across the world. And in Israel, graffiti and mural art has a big presence.

Walk the streets of Tel Aviv, the shuk of Jerusalem, and the alleyways of Tsfat, and find the many meaningful, beautiful, and honest works of art that cover our country.

Known as the godfather of Israeli street art, Rami Meiri is an Israeli-born artist, and one of Israel’s first muralists. After studying art in Tel Aviv in the late 1970s, Meiri painted his first mural on a wall at Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, in 1980. This unique piece was one of the first murals to be painted in the city and is considered an integral piece in making mural painting part of the Israeli (and Tel Aviv’s in particular) art culture.

Mural by Rami Meiri of a man pulling his mouth open at the sides on a wall
Max Fyne School, Tel Aviv 1989. Courtesy / Rami Meiri

Meiri’s work began gaining fame, not only throughout Israel but all across the world, and he is considered one of the groundbreaking artists in the ‘Street Art’ world. His work is known to be more of a realistic style than most graffiti or street art, depicting real-life scenarios and characters- ones that we can all relate to! Meiri often uses the setting around him to incorporate into his work, like using a building's window as part of his art. Very cool!

His work is splattered across buildings, painted all over the streets throughout the country. You can even now find his work all over the world! Places like Germany, Argentina, and the USA have been lucky enough to get a taste of his art!

Mural on a wall by Gordan Beach of the sea and a figure laying on the sand
Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv 1982. Courtesy / Rami Meiri

Next time you wander the streets of Israel, especially Tel Aviv, be sure to pay attention to the colors and vibrant paintings all around you! You may just be standing in front of an original Rami Meiri masterpiece!


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