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The Lowdermilk Lookout Point

Being such a small country, it's impressive to think how many beautiful and diverse parts Israel is home to. Across the land, there are hundreds of breathtaking lookout points, giving us the opportunity to take in the beauty of our homeland!

The Lowdermilk Lookout Point is a magnificent spot overlooking the Beit Netofa Valley, with the most spectacular view of Israel's Galilee region. Visit as spring is just beginning to set in, and catch the colorful blossoms of trees and flowers all around!

But who was Lowdermilk, and how did he get his own lookout point?

Well, Walter Lowdermilk was an American geologist and land researcher, who fell in love with Israel and the Zionist movement in the late 1930's. Lowdermilk was especially impressed with the new Zionist pioneers' water conservation techniques and their ecological vision. He had a dream to make the Beit Netofa valley an integral part of Israel's water supply. Today, the west part of the valley serves as a reservoir, sending water to Israel's southern regions.

Head over with your family, friends, or even by yourselves to see a clear picture of the beautiful Upper and Lower Galilee, and the old relics from the ancient city of Yodfat.

Where - Next to the entrance to Kibbutz Beit Rimon

When - All-day, everyday!


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