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The Mosaic Shul: Akko's Tunisian Synagogue

Israel is a country of history, and as we travel through its modern cities and explore the beautiful and green nature throughout the land, we are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Each hill, each city, each valley has a story. And there is nothing that the Jewish nation loves more than telling stories- our own stories.

This is what the Or Torah synagogue in Akko reminds us to do. From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, the building is covered in art- mosaics, murals, paintings and stained glass- depicting the stories of the Jewish people. And trust us, it is a breathtakingly unique site to behold!

The exterior of the Tunisian Synagogue
The exterior of the Tunisian Synagogue. / Yonina F

Or Torah, also known as the Akko Tunisian Synagogue (aka “Jariva”) was created in 1955 by the Tunisian immigrants who moved to Akko, and it is one of the most breathtaking sights in the country. The entire synagogue is covered in mosaic (from Kibbutz Eilon) and stained glass, depicting the history of the Jewish people, the flora, fauna, animals, and language of the Land of Israel, Bible Stories, modern Israeli history, and the horrors of the holocaust. This synagogue is a stunning tribute to the Jewish people and their history.

This synagogue is the only one of its kind in the whole world, and has a whopping 7 Torah arks! The building has hundreds of different stones found throughout Israel, and is definitely a site not to be missed!

Various fish on a floor mosaic inside the main sanctuary of the Tunisian Synagogue.
Part of the floor mosaic inside the main sanctuary of the Tunisian Synagogue. / Yonina F

Just stepping into the synagogue brings you into another world: the world of our history!


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