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The Most Popular Israeli Slang

Spending time in a new country can be both exhilarating and challenging. The people, the culture and the language are new and exciting. Yet, these very things can be a bit intimidating when they are so unfamiliar. And in Israel, things are no different.

The people look and sound different, the culture can be a bit overwhelming with its warmth and honesty, and the language can be a bit complicated to learn! Fitting in may feel daunting, and Hebrew can take some time to get the hang of.

But here's the thing about Israel: it's a country of openness and love, full of different cultures and people from around the world! Israel sits on the foundation of immigrants looking to live their dreams. It is a country of diversity, and one that honors its people's differences.

No matter your skin color, your background, or your religious beliefs, the moment you speak like an Israeli, you're in!

Here's where iKonnect can help!

We've compiled for you a list of the most useful and common Hebrew and Israeli slang to use at your leisure! Whip out these Israeli expressions next time you find yourself surrounded by Israelis, and be sure to fit right in.

**If you want to keep learning daily, check out iKonnect's Hebrew word of the day!

Welcome to Israeli slang university!


As we know, the IDF plays a big role in Israeli culture, and some combat themed expressions have made their way into Israeli everyday slang!

1. Pztatza-פצצה: literally translates into "bomb", but is used to mean "perfect"

2. Totach-תותח: literally translates into "cannon", but is used when describing someone as a “great person, or a competent person”

3. Pagaz- פגז: literally translates into "mortar shell", but is used to mean "great"

And just like in every culture, some slang simply makes no sense at all!

4. Magniv- מגניב: derived from the word “stolen” but used to mean "cool"

5. Madlik- מדליק: literally translates into "light up", but used to describe something “lit” as they say in English slang

6. Chaval Al Hazman-חבל על הזמן: literally translates into "a waste of time", but Israelis use it to mean the exact opposite, “totally worth ALL that time” or “amazing and very worth it”

7. B’Kef-בקיף: kef means fun, and this phrase is used in place of “you’re welcome”, meaning “gladly, or with pleasure”

8. Shtuyot Bamitz- שטויות במיץ: literally translates into “nonsense in juice”, but used when describing total nonsense!

9. Protexia- פרוטקציה: this word describes using a connection in your favor- like getting a job!

10. Choleh Al- חולה על: literally translates into "sick for __", but used to mean you love something!

Of course, as a country with 2 prominent cultures and languages, much of the popular Hebrew slang is actually taken from Arabic!

11. Yalla- יאללה: this word has many different meanings, like “let’s go” or used as an affirmation.

12. Sababa- סבבה: means “okay” or “sounds good” in Arabic

13. Achla- אחלה: means "great" in Arabic great

14. Ahlan- אהלן: means "hello" in Arabic

15. Fadicha- פדיחה: literally means "shame" in Arabic, but used by Israelis for awkward or embarrassing situations

16. Chalas- חאלס: means "enough" or "I am done with this" in Arabic

17. Walla- וואלה: an expression of surprise, Arabic, “wow”

18. Ars- ארס: defined to mean “pimp” in Arabic, but used by Israelis more colloquially to describe a specific type of person who is usually obnoxious, loud, and lacking class. The female version is "freicha"

*Just be sure not to call someone an ars to their face!

**If you want to keep learning daily, check out iKonnect's Hebrew word of the day!


Pick one Hebrew slang a week, and try using it in real life.

Trust me, it's a pretty fun game, and you will feel like a true Israeli!



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