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The Not So Dead Sea

Did you know that the Dead Sea is scientifically proven to be a healing oasis?

On August 2, 1960, the area of Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea was declared to have healing properties by experts. Not only is this salty wonderland one of the most popular wonders of the world, but it is an extraordinary place to maintain or even regain your vibrant health!

Now you have an excuse to go to the spa!

View of the shore along the Dead Sea with mountains on the opposite bank
The Dead Sea

It may be called the Dead Sea, but it has the opposite effect in terms of rejuvenation. Anyone who has been there can agree it is a magical place!

Many people think of just the salty water and mud as healing. But there are so many therapeutic factors to the Dead Sea!

A man floating in the Dead Sea while holding up a book to read
The Dead Sea has so much salt that you can't help but float!

The Dead Sea is 1300 feet below sea level. The dry air is great -- there are low pollen levels and minimal pollution. For anyone with respiratory problems, it's a haven.

Then of course there is the sunny weather; Vitamin D is vital to combat seasonal depression. UV light can be damaging to the skin, but because the Dead Sea is so far below sea level, the UV light is filtered, and it can take longer to burn or for the skin to develop sun damage. This is good news, given the weather is sunny 330/365 days a year in the Dead Sea region!

The water and mud at Ein Bokek and the Dead Sea are perhaps the stars of the healing process. The water itself is one of the most unique experiences in the world. Not only is the floating sensation beyond relaxing, but the water also has magnesium, bromide, and sodium. The mud also contains minerals that exfoliate, reduce stress, and purify toxins. You can find Dead Sea products being sold all over the world, but the best place to get them is from the source!

The spas at the Dead Sea and Ein Bokek are a site for medical tourism, where patients are "prescribed" a few weeks in the sun, mud, and water to reduce stress and rejuvenate.

Many Israeli cosmetic brands have taken the magic of the Dead Sea and infused it into some of the best creams, salts and lotions. Check out Shaya cosmetics here!

So, slather on some mud, bask in the sun, float in the tranquil waters at Ein Bokek and the Dead Sea, and enjoy all the health benefits!

Maybe soon they will rename it the "Living Sea"!


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