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The Olympic Experience

Did you know that Israel has been participating in the global Olympic games since 1952?

Our first medal came in 1992 with Yael Arad, who won the silver medal in judo, and since then, Israel has gone on to win seven more bronze medals. Gal Fridman won Israel's first gold medal in 2004 with men's windsurfing!

After the tragic Munich massacre just a few days before the Olympic games of 1972, in which 11 members of Israel's Olympic team were murdered by the Palestinian terrorist group, Black September, Israel withdrew their participation.

But soon after, as we always do, Israel bounced back and returned to the Olympic games with a bang. Today, we even have an Israeli baseball team, Israeli swimmers going to the Olympics!

Israel's history in the Olympic games is both a tragic, yet inspiring one. And we even have a museum to show for it!

The Olympic Experience in Tel Aviv is a must-see for any Olympic fans in Israel!

The Olympic rings on a building
The Olympic Rings

The Olympic Experience is a tour that has 5 "rings" and takes you on a journey of Israel in the Olympics.

Ring 1 is the Glory Ring, which features highlights of the Olympics in general.

Ring 2 is the History Ring -- here, you can learn all about the Olympics in ancient times!

Ring 3 is where you meet Israeli Olympic athletes and hear the story of the 11 Israelis who were murdered at the Olympics in Munich in 1972.

Ring 4 is the Ring of the Future, where you get a sense of what's coming next in the Olympics!

Ring 5 is a more hands-on experience. The point is to engage with Olympic values--strength, power, agility. All of what these champions represent.

With cool presentations, holograms, and interactions, you will want to check this out. The "Olympic Experience" is all about the DREAM!


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