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The Purim Meal - סעודת פורים

A major part of the holiday of Purim is the "Seudat Purim" or Purim Meal. Yes, the holiday is for dressing up and hearing the story of Esther, but it's also a cause for us to eat, drink, and be merry!

It might seem difficult to prepare a holiday feast for the mitzvah (commandment) of the Seudat Purim, but it's actually easier than you think! You just need to be aware of a few factors to fulfill the mitzvah, and to have a delicious meal!

The meal needs to occur during the daytime as one of the requirements. It also has to include meat and wine, and the meat should preferably be something rich like beef -- all the better for us meat-eaters! Eating and drinking are both required, so stock up on the wine to be sure everyone can feel the divinity and plentifulness of the feast! There needs to be two foods minimum at the feast, so the more the merrier! You could do a spread of meats, dips, and bread (what could be better than that?) Served with wine and you're set.

Make sure to finish off the meal with "hamentaschen" triangular-shaped cookies with different sweet fillings for the perfect ending!


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