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The Spy- the Story of Eli Cohen

Exactly 55 years ago, Eli Cohen, one of the greatest spies Israel has ever had, was executed in Syria after his cover was blown and he was caught by the Syrian army.

Cohen spent years undercover, working his way up the Syrian military and political hierarchy. By the end, he had successfully become a chief advisor to the Ministry of Defense of Syria! Cohen was sent to Damascus by the Mossad, who tracked and watched every move of his, ensuring his safety when possible, and helping him uncover useful intelligence. His service was heroic and integral in helping Israel to win the 6 Day War. Unfortunately, the Syrian government eventually uncovered the plot, and Cohen was publicly hanged, his remains still held in Syria. Today, his wife Nadia leads the fight to bring his remains back to his homeland.

Eli Cohen is a national hero and is held in beloved and heroic memory.

A few years back, Cohen's story was turned into a Netflix hit series, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and many other famous Israeli actors. The show, while few details are changed for entertainment purposes, gives you a raw and emotional glimpse into the life and mission of Eli Cohen. Watch how he single-handedly became one of Israel's most renowned spies, and leave with a new appreciation for the heroes that helped to make Israel the wonderful, strong, and brave country that she is today!


Watch the trailer here!


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