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The Tel Faher Lookout Point

Tel Faher (Also known as Mitzpeh Golani) is a hill in the northern part of the Golan Heights, that oversees the whole expansive and beautiful Hula Valley beneath it.

This hill actually used to be a Syrian outpost during the Six-Day War of 1967, where a big battle between the Syrian and Israeli armies took place, leaving the Israeli army victorious.

Because of its advantageous lookout point, this old army post has turned into one of Israel's most famous lookout points, taking in most of the Golan Heights!

Due to the spot's strategic advantage, the Syrians built an army post at its top, surrounded by land mines and barbed wire fences. On the fifth day of the Six-Day War, the Golani forces planned on overtaking the post but faced a resilient Syrian force. After a long and bloody battle, and after losing many heroic Israeli soldiers in the process, the Golani brigade managed to beat the Syrians, and conquered the important hill!

Today, the land surrounding the outpost has turned into a park dedicated to the brave Golani soldiers who helped Israel come out of the Six-Day War victorious! In the park, you can learn about the history of the outpost, the battle, and the stories of the soldiers. There is a beautiful monument built in commemoration, with signs and voice recordings telling the story of that fateful day.

There are two lookout points on the top of the hill, giving you breathtaking views of one of Israel's most vast and stunning areas. Additionally, you can walk through the Syrian bunkers and ditches that were originally built on the post.

The full hike around the site should take around an hour and is easy and suitable for all ages.

So if you are looking for a meaningful and educational day out with family or friends, head on up north to Tel Faher, and step into our country's history!

Where is Tel Faher?

Drive up Highway 90, drive past the Dan and Banias reservations. After the Banias Reservation, there will be a turn right to the site.


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