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The Top 5 Hikes in Israel

01 Ein Gedi

The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is located west of the Dead Sea, and it's the biggest oasis in Israel. For obvious reasons, this site attracts nearly a million nature lovers a year! There are several caves, pools, and even waterfalls on this hike. You will also enjoy the wildlife (both plants and animals) but most importantly, the quiet!

A hiking path at Ein Gedi

02 The Masada Snake Path

There's a reason every birthright trip in history hikes Masada at sunrise. The views are irreplaceable! King Herod's castle once stood at the top, and the man knew it was a good spot. Given Masada is in the desert, if the hike up is too daunting, you can always take the cable car up and hike down.

The top of Masada at sunrise

03 Nahal Rosh Pina

This hike starts in Rosh Pina and follows along a stream for most of the trek. There are some nice pools and even caves along the way! At the top, there are gorgeous views of the Galil, with the Kinneret sparkling in the distance.

04 Amram's Pillars/The Black Canyon

Amram's Pillars also called "Israel's Petra", is a hike through the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve - no donkey necessary! The hike leads to gorgeous sandstone pillars, but be sure to pack a lot of water! It's hot in Eilat no matter what the season is.

05 The Banias

The Banias are made up of both the waterfalls and springs in the Banias Nature Reserve in the Golan. There is a hike from the falls to the springs, that follows the flow of water. Lush greenery and mist make this a magical hike. The trek is about 4 kilometers long, at least you're sure to stay cool with the abundant streams!


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