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The Truth about Krembo

You can't be a true Israeli without tasting the famous Krembo!

What is Krembo, you may ask? Think deliciously fluffy marshmallow fluff and crunchy and sweet graham cracker all covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate! Sounds like heaven, right?!

Krembo first came to Israel in the mid-1900s with the swarm of Ashkenazi Jews into Israel from Europe, who brought with them some of their traditional European treats. One of these popular desserts was marshmallows covered in chocolate, which later on became Krembo that all Israelis, both young and old, know and love today.

The word Krembo is actually made up of two Hebrew words: Krem, meaning "cream", and bo, meaning "in it". Together, it means cream in it! Seems like a good name to us!

So how do you eat a Krembo? Well, that is an issue of much controversy.

Do we eat the marshmallow first, or the cookie? Should we eat it frozen or thawed?

Cookie Enthusiasts

Some start with the chocolate and marshmallow, eating those together and save the cookie for last. In fact, some cookie enthusiasts will give the chocolate and marshmallow away and just eat the cookie.

Chocolate Lovers

Some will lick the chocolate and let it slowly melt. And then either throw the marshmallow and cookie away or eat those a little more quickly:)

Two wrapped Krembo desserts on a table
Each Krembo is handwrapped! / Shifra Gottleib

Marshmallow Fans

Many marshmallow fans have in fact discovered a way to extract the cookie from the Krembo altogether. They’ll either throw the cookie away or give it to someone else. That is true commitment!

One Big Smush

Some people, like Tzipi Livni, an Israeli politician, like to eat all components of the Krembo together. She was once asked how she eats her Krembo. Her response? She hits the top of the Krembo lightly and it collapses into one piece, she then eats the cookie, chocolate, and cream altogether! This way may be the messiest, but also possibly the yummiest!

A Delicate Process

Some people very carefully eat off all the chocolate and then lick the marshmallow off the cookie. Not the most graceful way to eat, but it definitely is satisfying!

No matter your preferred way of indulging in this Israeli dessert treat, make sure you savor the experience!


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